MARCH 2016: How University is Getting Reduced

MARCH 2016: How University is Getting Reduced

New SITTING, the PreACT, scandals, article writing, acceptance emails: March must have been a big four weeks in the world of college or university admissions and standardized evaluating! Let’s immerse right on with.

#NewSAT? More like #ClownCollege

The New HID was finally administered the first time this month. The response? Students seemed to think that the mathematics section will be harder versus the old SAT’s math sections, but the important reading section is around identical or less complicated than the old version. College students also don’t you agree that it was a lengthy and tedious test, although according to some sort of survey done by the College Mother board, students prefer the New SITTING by a some to 1 margin over the outdated test. To read more student responses and see many interesting stats, check out this unique post most of us did guaranteeing what pupils thought about the fresh SAT.

The New Player in Town: The PreACT

No doubt you’ve heard of often the PSAT, the industry shorter version of the SITTING that students typically take during their sophomore year great for school. Generally there hasn’t been an equal version to the ACT nonetheless. This month WORK Inc. released that they will release the PreACT: a lower version on the ACT for graduating high school sophomores to have. Sound familiar? It appears to be quite clear the fact that the ACT came up with the test to compete with often the PSAT. Continue reading “MARCH 2016: How University is Getting Reduced”